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JoJo Tanks



Vertical small, Vertical Large, Slimline, Slimline Marble finish

The vertical tank is the familiar upright tank which is used for the storage of water, fertilizers, chemicals

and most other liquids. The JoJo water tank is lined with a black food safety accredited lining material

ensuring that the water remains safe for human consumption. The black lining inhibits the growth of

algae. All our tanks are UV stabilized and can safely be used outdoors. The tanks are available in a

variety of colours which can be specified on order.

Water tanks have the following standard fittings :


Fittings for chemical medium and heavy duty tanks: 
  • 1 x 50mm tank connector at the bottom (standard).
  • The outlet can be enlarged up to 75mm on request.





All Horizontal tanks from 240lt to 5500lt

JoJo manufactures a wide range of horizontal water and chemical tanks suitable for use in agriculture,

chemical and other industries. 

  • A horizontal tank is also known as a transporter tank and can be fitted onto the back of a LDV or a
  • truck to build a water-car.
  • Applications include drinking water, fire fighting, irrigation and disaster preparedness




Underground tanks when space and accessibility is an issue...

Underground tanks are the answer when space and accessibility are an issue � especially in an urban environment. 

They have also become an increasingly popular option for architects and building designers as an underground water

storage system allows for the maximum use of property, allowing for more green space and/or parking on a tight

commercial site. Professionally installed, they and can be placed under paved light weight traffic areas, driveways,

garden beds or lawns providing an eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing solution for rainwater capture and

rainwater harvesting. 







Low Profile


The low profile tank is perfect to use when height limitations are a factor. This tank may be

used for storage or transport and their height allows for easier transport and installation. 

The JoJo low profile tanks feature the same rugged, ribbed design found in our vertical tanks.









From septic tanks, conservancy tanks, toilet huts...

The JoJo septic tanks are manufactured from the same polyethylene as our other tanks. 

They are easy to handle, easy to install and easy to clean. JoJo�s septic tanks are

backed by a full five-year warranty and have been tested and approved fit for purpose

for use as a sanitary disposal system, by Agrément South Africa.

The master copy of this document appears on the website

JoJo septic tanks are manufactured by means of the rotational moulding process that

produces a one-piece, seamless, watertight tank. The rib design and rib placement

provide superior structural integrity to the tank. Polyethylene is unaffected by soil

chemicals and by the chemicals and gases present in sewage, so our septic tanks

will not rust or corrode and require no additional coatings as other tanks do. JoJo's

strict quality guidelines ensure an environmentally safe septic tank.

It is important to follow the installation and operations guidelines supplied with each tank.

 Please note that the lid needs to be filled with concrete prior to use.



Drinking throughs, animal feeders, silos, drums, buoys..



Dustbins, dog kennels, building buckets, fish ponds...




Road barriers, diesel tanks, tractor tanks, cavaletti...

JoJo�s technical and development team also design and make unique moulds in

accordance with client specific requirements. These specialist products are often

manufactured by JoJo but the finished product can only be ordered directly from

the commissioning client. 

As with all other JoJo products these custom-made products, tailored to rural,

domestic, commercial, irrigation and fire fighting purposes, are manufactured in

South Africa, using only the best quality raw local materials that are perfectly

suited to harsh South African weather conditions.



Tank stands, silo stands, taps, tank alert system...

Accessories for all tanks in the range. 

JoJo tanks



C.R.I Self Priming Jet pump's, pump casing and ejector unit are designed carefully to give the best possible hydraulic efficiency and suction lift characteristics.
Sealing is by means of a bellows mechanical seal made of Carbon & Ceramic is fitted over the
shaft, which is grounded to close tolerances. Most modern and highly sophisticated machinery
and technology are employed in the manufacture of these pumps using quality raw materials,
dynamically balanced impellers, seals and ball bearings to ensure long life.


Power  Range(kW)

0.37 kW to 0.75 kW � 1 Ph & 3 Ph


2900 rpm

Degree of Protection

IP  55

Insulation Class

�F� / �B�


1 Ph 220 V, 50 Hz, AC incorporate with Thermal over load Protector.

3 Ph 380 V,  50 Hz AC

Direction of Rotation

Clockwise viewed from driving end


S1 (continuous)

Nominal Delivery Size in inches

1 X 1 (BSP)

Pump Operating Limits


Maximum Head

35.5 m

Maximum Suction lift

7 m

Maximum Liquid Temperature

+ 5° C ~ + 60° C

Maximum Ambient Temperature

50° C

Maximum Working Pressure

6 bar







Shallow wells, Houses, Small farms, Garden, Domestic pressure boosting, Car washing,
Small industries and Drinking water supply, Food processing Industries.



Special Features



High operating efficiencyresulting in lower power consumption, Good suction lift characteristics, Dynamically

balanced rotating parts including rotor and impeller, Balanced and rigid construction & Inbuilt thermal

overload protector in all single phase pumps.






The location of the pump should be such that the pump is easily accessible for regular

inspection and it should be relatively free from dust, fumes and moisture. These

pumps should be installed in a covered ventilated area, protected against the weathe

and it should not be installed in a tilted position.



Material of Construction



Pump Casing

S.S 304

Motor Frame



S.S 304


S.S 304


Mechanical Seal (Carbon & Ceramic)


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